Supervisory Management For the Screen Sector July / August

Date the course commences: July 29th 

Duration:  3 half Days

Cost: €90

Venue: Online

Tutor(s): Deborah Collins – Professional Development 

Course Profile: 

This course, run in partnership with Screen Ireland, will run over three half days: 

Fridays July 29th, August 5th + August 12th, 8.45am to 1pm each day


This supervisory management course is aimed at those who are currently involved in, or about to undertake a supervisory management position in the Irish screen industry. The course covers the key principles of effective management and examines the qualities of a good manager. By the end of the course trainees will feel confident in their own ability to manage others with skill and success.

Training Objectives
  • Understand different management styles
    • To perform a role with success, you must first understand it well. We dedicate time to understanding the various styles of management during training.
  • Gain stronger communication skills
    • Communication is at the heart of almost everything a manager does. During training, we look at how you can get your message across clearly whether you’re communicating with your team or upper management.
  • Possess techniques for organisation and managing their time
    • This course has a module called “Organisational Skills and Planning”. It includes time management, organisation, and the ever-important skill of delegation.
  • Know how to motivate their team and build strong relationships
    • Team motivation is high on the list of essential management skills. You’ll learn a variety of ways to build and maintain a strong team culture.
  • Be able to spot and solve problems
    • It is almost impossible to avoid problems. They will inevitably crop up from time to time. We aim to prepare you with skills for spotting and resolving any issues that arise with ease.
Course Content

1. Management Styles

  • Qualities of a good manager
  • Management vs leadership
  • Understand different management styles and their impact on staff
  • Evaluate strengths & weaknesses of each style
  • Discover and evaluate your own style

2. Motivation & Team Building

  • Your responsibility as a role model
  • Engaging with staff to build great working relationships
  • Using motivational techniques
  • De-motivation: recognise the symptoms
  • Addressing and resolving low morale

3. Organisational Skills & Planning

  • Managing your time
  • Goal-Setting: short, medium, and long term
  • Using the SMART goal-setting approach
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Delegation skills and work allocation

4. Communication & Assertiveness

  • Understanding how we communicate
  • Communicating with confidence and clarity
  • Understanding assertiveness
  • Learning how to say “No”

5. Managing Performance

  • Setting recognisable performance goals
  • Improving staff performance
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Addressing poor performance constructively

6. Managing Conflict & Tricky Situations

  • Identifying areas of conflict
  • How to handle difficult conversations
  • Responding vs reacting
Participant Profile

This course is aimed at any crew working in the Film and TV Drama Sector who have recently, or who soon will step up to a Supervisory role including Production Managers, Coordinators, Line Producers, Location Managers and Heads of Departments.

The course is limited to 14 participants.

Application Procedure

Please apply online through this LINK by Tuesday, 25th July 2022, 5pm.

For further information, please email

Screen Ireland courses are open to all regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

  • 29th July 2022 - 12th August 2022
    8:45 am - 1:00 pm